Right now I was listening to a presentation of Prof. Jens Jensen regarding the meanwhile 50 years lasting history of interactive television. Very interesting were his „lessons learned from 50 years of interactive TV“:

  • watching TV is a social event, watching ITV is it as well
  • the programme must have four qualities: entertainment, transaction, information and communication, and hence people want to have fun, have something, learn something, and tell somebody about it
  • it is less important what the service is about (Gaming, storytelling etc.)
  • the service must be simple to use: consumer want tv, not computer
  • the actuality of the content matters, i.e. it has to be renewed throughout the day.

These „lessons learned“ are comparable to the findings of the BBC interactive TV experiences which were the basis for our course on „Interactive TV Applications for Local Communities“. So, it seems that we did everything right: Let’s hope for the best for the final concept presentations on July, 8th, 2008.

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