Recently the following title came into my mind:

„Konzeption interaktiver Medienangebote für niedrigschwelliges Lernen (älterer Menschen) im Bereich der häuslichen Alten- und Krankenpflege“

„Designing interactive media for low threshold learning (of matured people) in the area of home care“.

This title might be seen as a first attempt to combine my research interests in the last few years. These are

Design of interactive media refers to the claim of a triadic fitting of personal, situational and medial factors as demanded by the Triadic Dynamic Entertainment-Theory (TDE, Frueh, 2003) as well as to the structured design of entertaining experiences by means of Layered Languages of Ludology (Jantke 2006), and, of course, interactive storytelling.

Self directed and incidental Learning refers to the point that matured people are aware of their strenghts and would like to prefer to decide important steps by themselves rather than going to school again – which does not mean that they refuse learning opportunities; incidental Learning on the other side refers to some extend to „training on the job“.

Home Care refers to an area of problems that might become more and more important at least in 1st world countries as the trend of declining birth rates (given the desired effect of a growing life-span) continues; important disciplines seem to be geragogic and gerontogogic.

I just startet with some literature reviews regarding the later point. Concerning the two former points I already have some experiences at least through the iCable project mentioned earlier in this blog.

Please feel free to give me further hints for refining the research area of my PhD project.

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