Week 1 & 2

The first two weeks were eventful to say the least.

In the introductory event, we first talked about the course and the objectives of the course. Admittedly, I was a little intimidated at first because I’m not the biggest ace in technology and programming. However, I find the overarching theme of interactive learning platforms very! interesting. I was also really excited about the idea of an e-portfolio to capture our learning progress and thoughts. In the first session, we also discussed in smaller groups what we think makes a good e-portfolio and started to think about evaluation criteria.

After discussing this in small groups, we collected our ideas with the whole seminar. However, the evaluation of those did not take place until the 2nd session. The reason why I say that the first few weeks were eventful have not so much to do with the actual seminar, but rather with the fact that many of the students, and I was part of it, had problems creating their e-portfolio, because we did not receive a confirmation email after we had logged in here on blogs.tu-ilmenau.de. Thus, we also spent the first half hour of the 2nd session trying to fix the problems as much as possible. The rest of the session we spent most of the time introducing this website here and getting started.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, when we have our 3rd seminar session!

See Ya!

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