Week 3

Welcome back!

We are already in the third week and are still working out our criteria for our project. Quite frustrating considering our tight timeframe for the seminar. But it also has to be mentioned, that it wasn’t planned at all to be still stuck on the criteria. It just so happened due to our early problems with setting up our websites. Even our teacher was quite annoyed and rightly so. 

On the contrary, I have to say, I really appreciate the opportunity to choose our own criteria instead of just having to deal with given criteria and maybe not knowing why something was graded the way it was. It also made me feel less student-like and more like the real adult I am.

I paid tribute to it by writing its own post, so if you want to know more about that you can read that here:


At the end of our third seminar I was quite happy with the progress we made. 

But what did you think about our third seminar and our little progress? Let me know down below 🙂 

See Ya! 

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