This is killing me


I just spend the whole day editing my blog and not even writing one new entry. There are just sooo many possibilities and I am the WORST when it comes to deciding.

Should I choose this color for my background or this one? And which font do I want to use? Ughhhh..

I hate and absolutely love it at the same time. I could spend daysss trying to perfect my blog and it still wouldn’t be good enough. Not to mention the content. I enjoy editing just way too much and I know I should probably focus more on the content rather than wasting my whole day on something that’s not even that important for the Seminar. But it unfortunately is important to me haha. So if u don’t like the look of my blog, please just keep it to yourself or leave a comment with constructive criticism. Thanks 🙂

On a different note…

Because I started out writing everything in German and learning last week that we have the possibility to write in English, I now have to change everything. Luckily, I just started writing entries and some of them are still empty, so I don’t have to do a whole lot.

Now if u don’t mind… I will probably spend the rest of my day here, writing and editing.

See Ya!