Guys I think I found something.

I was browsing on YouTube, looking for some interesting tools that I can show and that may be interesting for our project and than I found this:

It’s a video about a website called Saganworks. The company describes Saganworks as follows:

“Saganworks provides 3D immersive experiences to individuals and organizations looking to differentiate their web presence, engage their audience and tell their stories”

Its not designed specifically to be an online classroom, but Jesse Mason, the YouTuber in the  Video and a teacher, used it to create a room fitting for his physics class.

Its not an interactive space, where lots of people can meet and talk at the same time, its more an 3D room, where one (i.e. the teacher) can place different items (Videos, papers, etc.) and the students can interact with it. Of course the students can also place something. The room can also be styled and made suitable as classroom. Mason goes into more detail and shows a lot of examples if your interested to know more.

I think its a great opportunity to complement Webex meetings, as one can talk while in the meeting and meanwhile use the interactive tools this 3D world provides. The students can join by sharing the URL in the meeting.

BUT it’s still not as interactive as I wished it to be. In my opinion it’s more of a 3D moodle than anything else, but it can give us an idea on what a virtual classroom may look like.

And it also has to mentioned that even though it looks pretty elaborate, it’s a free, web-based website that even my computer had no issues with, so it should pretty much work for everyone haha.

If you wanna take a look at the website for yourself here is the link: 


Let me know what you think about this website down below? Do you think it’s worth a try?