Where have I been?

I have to be honest…

I just hadn´t had the time to really dive deep into our topic and learn about new techniques that I could present to you, because I was so caught up with our “Berufsfeldorientierung” that I unfortunately just didn´t found the time to write about something interesting.

Of course, I could have just written smaller posts and just reviewed what we learned in the seminar, but that would not have been very productive would it? i could have written about the lesson, where we tried out Google Hubs for the first time and I spend every minute of it trying to join our virtual class because my internet and probably my computer as well could not figure themselves out. I even tried joining on my mobile phone but nothing worked. So I just sat there and waited till class was over. But from what I’ve heard, I wasn´t the only one having issues and it supposedly was a pretty chaotic experience for the people who could join. Maybe you could leave a comment down below and tell me about your experience 🙂

But back to the topic.

The second reason and probably the main reason why I haven´t really started is because I just don’t really know where. I was just a bit overwhelmed.

You see, I am not an ace when it comes to technology and programming and I am just a little lost as to what I actually have to do. I can come up with a concept no problem, but I have no idea what actually is realistic and can be implemented. Maybe I just have to browse a bit and inform myself a little more. I will also have a peek at your guys´ posts and maybe take some inspiration for myself.


See Ya!