Quick Recap of the last few weeks

Hey Guys!

Long time no see! Sorry I was so absent the last few weeks, I was stuck knees deep into exams and then trying and catching some air and free time last week.

Here is my short recap of the last few weeks:

Shortly before the end of the lectures, we had a conversation under 8 eyes with Mr. Kreuzberger to talk about our plans for our final concept on Moodle and to clarify final questions. Everyone involved was very satisfied in the end.

In addition, we had a meeting last week with just the three of us to present our progress and exchange ideas if we got stuck somewhere. In case you didn’t know, Laura, Marie and I are working on the same concept, but each of us has a different task. Laura works on explaining and presenting all the possibilities that Moodle has to offer for teachers and professors. Marie is working on the presentation and introduction to different video platforms, such as Webex. In addition, I am working on other learning applications that teachers can use in their digital lessons to make them more exciting and vivid for their students. For this purpose, I will insert a description of each of the presented learning applications and a video tutorial. To avoid that the professors have try to understand and learn the applications just by looking at a describtion or video, I will give them a small and simple task for each learning application, which they can then complete with the help of the learning application in order to get to know them through usage. Of course, they do not have to do all of them, only those who really address them through the description and the tutorial and find them suitable for their lessons.

That is how it’s looking at the minute, far from completion haha

So if you’re wondering, this is what I will be working on for the next few weeks.

Will try and keep you updated as best as I can!